World Champion in Food Safety

It takes some effort to earn the title “world champion in food safety”. That means that every day, over 100 full-time employees in Tulip’s quality departments do their utmost to ensure compliance with our strict quality and safety standards. For us, quality is to guarantee food safety, regulatory compliance and customers’ demands.

Extensive Hygiene Demands

As a Danish manufacturer, our production is subject to extensive hygiene demands that cover a whole range of areas from the construction of our buildings and machinery, over protective clothing and employee behaviour, to daily cleaning and mandatory microbiological tests.


Quality Management

Our Quality Management System is aligned with international standards for food safety (e.g. BRC and IFS) and full transparency is ensured through regular certification by independent external bodies. 

In addition to regular visits from the food authorities, we carry out daily inhouse inspections, covering the entire process from receiving the raw materials until packing and shipping the finished products. Our self-control system is based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points principles (HACCP) and is an integrated part of the GFSI-certified Tulip Quality Management System.


Safety throughout the entire Supply Chain

What applies to our own production also pertains to our suppliers. We only source raw materials from suppliers who have passed our strict supplier approval system; and we use the most modern technology to ensure that raw materials meet our quality requirements.


Transparency and Traceability

Every single Tulip product is fully traceable. From the supermarket shelves we can track any of our products back to time of production, the production line and even to the slaughterhouse from which the raw materials originated.


The Future of Food Safety

At Tulip, we know of our responsibility to supply consumers all over the world with healthy, tasty and responsibly produced foods. We aspire to create a sustainable future for meat in a global and changeable world. In doing so, we work closely with our customers, governments and industry bodies to play an active role in global food safety initiatives.